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Sacha-Lewis Dmytruk
CEO & Founder

“You can only create great software by understanding all the moving pieces and then iterating them together in an ongoing process.”

Sacha-Lewis Dmytruk (“Lewis”) has always had a love & affliction for both technology and music. After completing a BFA in Electroacoustics / Jazz Piano he pivoted his focus, and following his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps, founded his own technology company in 2009 after registering the domain:

During the initial years of undoLogic Lewis developed novel and streamlined custom technology solutions focused on programming & developing from the ground up several SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and open-source tools with GNU/Linux. This laid the foundation to what undoLogic does today. Lewis works closely with clients, understanding their vision & business processes, creates tailored concepts & prototypes, and oversees development past launch all while ensuring the overall process stays efficient and in line with changing technologies.

John Watson
Business Development

As a dedicated technologist, I find great joy in immersing myself in the dynamic landscape of our expertise. My ability to connect with clients and simplify their needs has been a key driver behind my success. I am passionate about exploring new opportunities and continuously expanding our knowledge in this ever-evolving industry.

While our primary emphasis lies on the firm, its success is intricately tied to our unwavering dedication to comprehending and catering to the needs of our clients. By combining my background in client services with technical expertise, I focus on cultivating relationships, forging strategic partnerships, and optimizing IT operations. This constant refinement allows us to not only grow our offerings but also ensure the success of our clients, surpassing their expectations.

Latha Sivagnanam
Online Software Developer

“Working at undoLogic has fulfilled my dreams of becoming a cutting-edge software developer/programmer”

Latha started working with undoLogic way back in 2012.  Her passion for coding led her to choose computer science as the career option, and she completed a major in computer science at Concordia University with a minor in economics.

Latha’s responsibilities combine her expertise in using undoLogic open-source technologies for creating new features with maintaining existing systems for undoLogic’ SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), and clients’ custom online software projects.

Working with diligence and persistence ensures undoLogic launches their projects effectively and efficiently even when a project’s complexity (frequently) increases and more than expected features are added.

Agnes Ohlsen
Account Manager

With a background in education and the arts (MA Art History) Agnes has been looking after the nuts and bolts of undoLogic and caring for the clients’ needs for more than ten years.

Agnes’ role of Account Manager includes organising and overseeing undoLogic SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) subscriptions and custom online software projects, and following up with clients to help with any concerns and possible changes.

The art of bookkeeping requires patience and fine attention to detail; it entails following up on billing, payroll, and various other aspects of maintaining the financial balance of undoLogic.