The 5 W's of undoLogic

Who: undoLogic creates SaaS (Software as a Service) for our own product line as well as custom development for our customers.
What: SaaS is an online managed platform, which offers specific functionality for a company's unique business needs. The client does not have to manage it internally with their own staff.
Why: SaaS replaces a variety of internal local systems and programs that require technical maintenance with an online solution that the clients do not need to maintain technically themselves.The overall costs (salaries, software licenses, etc.) are therefore reduced, making a company more efficient and cost-effective.
Where: SaaS is available from any internet connection, however, it can be configured and restricted for security reasons. Local nodes can be offered that make data available in read-only format when the Internet is not accessible.
When: SaaS is useful for a company that utilises a number of fragmented systems, which incur high overall costs to maintain and a lower quality result.

Our services

Our services offer you an impressive combination of functionality and convenience. We are always available to assist you with your business requirements.

SaaS- Software as a Service

undoLogic will create specialized custom software for online and offline solutions in line with your niche requirements. Whether you choose a cloud system or a microcomputer solution we can adapt the technology to your specifications.

Custom Applications

Launching a website requires several segmented steps to achieve success. When developing your specific custom solution we start by narrowing down the requirements with our unique visual development process, and explore the best direction for your software before programming begins. This process saves valuable time and money and ensures that we create a unique product in line with your corporate vision.


Make informed decisions. Discuss your goals and direction with our qualified staff. Our suggestions can inspire you to find new and innovative solutions for your business and help you make the right advertising decisions.
Our products can be useful for your business to operate more efficiently and increase their reach in a competitive market. We offer a diverse selection of applications that will provide you with specialized and easy-to-use tools for your business needs.

Our vision

undoLogic is about unlimited access and freedom of choice in developing an online presence. We offer our customers the possibility to choose from a range of services: expediency and facility, or comprehensive and adapted to a distinct and unique personal style.

At undoLogic we are enthusiastic about efficiency and creativity. Our interactive models let the customer participate in creating an online solution that is personalized and specific.

At undoLogic we offer up-to-date and cost-effective services, as well as those that are customized. We will work with you to suggest the best online solution adapted to your specific requirements and budget.



Recent Projects

Our latest SaaS launches or projects we have launched through our own SaaS applications.

Made au Quebec

undoLogic launches Made au Québec, a site that follows the media covering the arts scene that lives and thrives between two cultures. Here, visitors will find an up-to-date survey of what...

Seriously Addictive Maths

We are exciting to annouce our launch of Seriously Addicitive Maths, an enrichment program that teaches mathematics to children ages 4-12 using the world-renowned Singaporean pedagogy.


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