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Our SaaS applications Road Map

At undoLogic, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our SaaS applications (UpdateCase, ProjectBrowser & Digi-Display) by creating and launching new features that enhance your ongoing experience. We allocate time each month for our developer to create and launch new features and functionalities offered on our platforms.

UpdateCase will allow to import images directly into your account with URLS. This will speed up the setup of website creation. 

The eCom checkout process will first authorize the credit card and then only after your staff verifies the order and clicks process will it then convert the authorization to a credit card sale. 

Managed forms sends all website form submissions to UpdateCase first before your get notified. This keeps all your submissions in a single location and prevents accidental loss of forms if the configuration changes over time. The form will only allow the customer to submit after the form first verifies with updateCase that it is setup correctly. 

Finalize the pending and live server deployement. This will allow to mark specific content as pending, which allows to update the LIVE and PENDING sites separately. Currenlty if you push LIVE all changes are posted, but this will allow to have specific content marked as pending and only visible on the pending website. 

New report added to ProjectBrowser allowing to see the financial status of amount due
- Separated into 0-30 days, 30-60 days, 60-90 days and 90+ days
- Any amount NOT paid will be added to the appropraite column
- Clients terms will be used to calculate when the amount are due and will affect the correct column placed
- When schedule is assigned to an invoice it will change the display and instead place the amount due based on the last scheduled date to the correct 30,60,90,90+ payment status

UpdateCase will have an option to add specific codes for your eCommerce online store that can be set with a date when they are active and when they expire. During this time a specific discount % OR discount $ will be removed from all items in store, or a specific list of items.

The projects page will offer an easier way to create and start tracking time on customers. This will allow to jump on a call and quickly start tracking time. If projects do not exist a placeholder project will be created that can be renamed at a later time.

View ProjectBrowser website
ProjectBrowser simplifies your daily tasks: Project management, Time-Tracking, CRM, Invoicing and Bookkeeping data entry tasks. Our software as a service solution (SaaS) is uncomplicated and will help streamline your business transactions.
View SetupCase website
SetupCase, our efficient application to launch and maintain your custom software or website. We support many different website frameworks based on the LAMP stack including: CakePHP, WordPress, etc. All subscriptions feature unlimited email accounts, training videos, control panel, and 24/7 support with 15 minute response guarantee.
View UpdateCase website
UpdateCase, our convenient application effectively simplifies the process of web development. Segregating the various roles of your staff avoids bottlenecks for technical staff; staff without any expertise in HTML can easily change text and images on the website, while developers can continue to complete complex updates in parallel.
View Digi-Display website
Managed Digital Signage & On location access terminals. Offering a managed software solution for your large screen marketing display as well as on-location secure access terminals for secure data access and data acquisition for your staff and customers.