The client choose the UpdateCase APP for it's easily manageable system where even a large-scale site with multiple products and a complicated product system can be maintained in-house by staff without extensive technical and HTML experience. The uniquely structured setup lets the client focus on working with text and images, whereas undoLogic takes care of the complicated backend. updateCase simplifies usually difficult site management processes with its convenient design of easy-to-follow steps, and many available visual instructions and tutorials. 

The customized responsive layout developed by undologic ensures an optimized view across any desktop and mobile devices. The new javascript / CSS framework based on current developments in technology gives it the best powerful user experience, and integrated SEO functionality tailors the organic search for each page within the undologic APP.

The contemporary design with many visuals of products, prominently displayed news and information about upcoming tradeshows, and a Blog with relevant news about products and developments in the industry, makes the site attractive as well as user friendly and convenient for the company’s clients.