April 2015

undoLogic creates a custom platform for Nova Mobility to handle GPS tracking. The platform was designed and developed from the ground up to handle the entire process of receiving GPS data, parsing it, and managing the data.

Nova Mobility is a leader in technology specializing in new advancements in GPS telematics. Nova came to undoLogic with the request to build a custom platform for GPS tracking that would extend their current infrastructure with the customization necessary to attract new customers. Nova Mobility is at the forefront of the emerging technology, and the system required parsing of many different types of devices in different formats. Working closely with the manufacturer of the different devices ensured the optimization of the HEX GPS DATA packet transmission.

The vision of undologic as formulated by it’s president Sacha Lewis Dmytruk is to develop software that is adapted to the client’s specific niche requirements, and is easy to use for non-technical and advanced technical staff alike. Systems that are too complex increase the barrier for entry, and with that limit the usability to only a select few users in the company. A problem often observed in companies is that staff without technical expertise relies on continuous support by technical staff; this wastes resources and bottlenecks the company. Software developed by undoLogic ensures that all types of users can work with the system; some users may require weekly automated reports, whereas others may prefer to log in.

Systems built by undoLogic can be customized in line with a client’s specific future requirements, and constantly updated, improved and modified. The advantage for the client is that he maintains control over the system long term.

We have already soft launched our system, and will do a hard launch to a larger customer base in 2015-Q3