undoLogic is proud to launch the new ManinaWorld website - - maintained by updateCase, our easy-to-use undoLogic application.

ManinaWorld has been designing events for numerous leading brands, notably in the luxury sector. The founder and creative director of the company Mabel Palomino describes: “We love creating different, fantastic worlds. We get inspired by the brands’ philosophy and culture, and use that to create experiences people get to live. We have a rich background in dance, music and choreography. We use this expertise to create the experience, and that is how we connect the fans to the brands.”

ManinaWorld chose undoLogic because our platform - - allows them to change the text and replace the images on their site without any technical knowledge, while all the technical requirements are managed by our team at undoLogic.

Our innovative technology allows both, the staff of the marketing department and the programmers, to work to their full potential. This excellent arrangement can save time and money for the client, reducing their technical debt, and makes it possible to launch a highly customized responsive professional website more quickly on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.