undoLogic launches, a website offering extensive information and access to environmentally safe and sustainable products. All brands available on the site have been thoroughly researched, and links to information and resources can be particularly helpful for parents and caregivers of young children concerned about healthy alternatives for children and baby products.

Ecofriendlyparents, a young company targeting an emerging niche market, choose the UpdateCase App by undoLogic as it was a good fit for the owner’s do-it-yourself approach to maintaining the website. Establishing a web presence as fast as possible was very important to the owner, and the uncomplicated process of choosing a suitable layout from a selection suggested by undoLogic, and developing all requirements according to the company's unique style and branding, made it possible to initialize and integrate all revisions and changes in a short time.

The site is hosted by updateCase, which offers a selection of customized visual designs with a content management system that allows easy updating and doesn’t require complicated specific technical knowledge and experience. This worry-free unique system lets the client work with text and images, whereas undoLogic takes care of the backend.

The site’s responsive design is tailored to adjust automatically to any desktop or mobile device; it is integrated with the client’s personalized contact form and shopping cart and an imbedded ‘like’ button that lets the visitor post directly from each product to Facebook or any other social media site.