undoLogic launches a new socially directed website that wants to make the arts come alive.

undoLogic built the dynamic interactive website for Quebec-Elan’s newest project: ArtsAliveQuebec starts off the festival season by touring several towns and cities throughout the province this summer to promote local talent.

With media partner CBC’s publicity supporting their venture, Quebec-Elan has conceived this project to animate students, teachers and parents alike. Grouped into six Quebec regions it will bring performing artists and the public together in their hometowns. With their project Quebec-Elan wants to build further on the idea of making the arts more accessible.

The website features a fully responsive layout ensuring the content looks good on mobile phone, tablet and of course desktop. A powerful dynamic design with interactive clickable schedules and links keeps the website looking clean and concise and attractive easy-to-read info helps users to navigate the site more quickly. Visitors to the website can access extensive information on music, theatre and dance.

“I am honoured that we were chosen to develop the website for this great initiative by Guy Rodgers and his team at Quebec-Elan,” says Sacha Lewis Dmytruk of undoLogic, “our website application was very suitable for this project as it allows content for a website to be added easily and without html experience.”

The usual method of developing the content and then waiting for a web developer to process it can bottleneck an organization. SetupCase features a segregation of roles which allows all people involved in website production to work simultaneously. Not only does this speed up the process but it keeps the budget affordable as well. Some website platforms are too complicated to manage for people without technical skills, and often internal staff are scared to break some html code, and end up calling the web developer to do even the most mundane updates. SetupCase let’s staff update text and pictures into predefined styles so the website quality remains high and the learning curve is low.

undoLogic wishes ArtsAliveQuebec much success with their project, and is looking forward to hearing and seeing more about it in the next few months.