APPs we created

At undoLogic we create applications for your many diverse business requirements. All our products are turn-key solutions, so we can get you up-and-running quickly and efficiently.
You can easily automate your business processes, and ensure that managing them stays well-organized. Our applications are not complicated to use and update, and will help your staff to stay on top of all transactions.

Our services

Our services offer you an impressive combination of functionality and convenience. We are always available to assist you with your business requirements.


Captivate your clients.
Video will communicate your business messages visually and effectively, and add a dynamic live presentation on your website.


Make informed decisions.
Discuss your goals and orientation with our qualified personnel. Our advice and suggestions can inspire you to find new and innovative solutions for your company, and help you to make the right decisions about publicity.
Our products can be useful for your company to run more efficiently, and grow in scope and reach in a competitive market. We offer you a diverse selection of applications that will provide you with specialized and easy-to-use tools for your business needs.


Custom-built and unique.
undoLogic will create original custom cloud based software for you, in line with your unique business model and requirements.

Our vision

undoLogic is about unlimited access and freedom of choice in developing an online presence. We offer our customers the possibility to choose from a range of services: expediency and facility, or comprehensive and adapted to a distinct and unique personal style.

At undoLogic we are enthusiastic about efficiency and creativity. Our interactive models let the customer participate in creating an online solution that is personalized and specific.

At undoLogic we offer up-to-date and cost-effective services, as well as those that are customized. We will work with you to suggest the best online solution adapted to your specific requirements and budget.



Recent projects

We create innovative user interfaces and creative clean modern websites. We will help you build a strong online presence for your business by developing a professional website which best suits your needs.

Fun With Phonics

Fun-with-Phonics is an English literacy, mini-day summer camp for children ages 4-8. We offer a fun, interactive, small classroom experience where children learn to read and write using the Phon...


TransferDeck is an effective solution to pre-process data and organize visual material for various sales segments of your business. 


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