Our team will work with you to bring your vision to a online application that will run your company.


The initial idea gets everything started.


We set up a brainstorming session with our clients to explore and discover exactly what is required for the upcoming project.


We balance features / budget / timelines and narrow down a plan of action.


The client’s vision has been confirmed and finalized. Programming will convert the visual concepts into a fully functioning product.


The visual concept can be reviewed by the client before programming, ensuring that all requested features are included. Any changes will be made by returning to the ‘See-it’ segment. When completed, and all aspects of the software can be clicked through in line with the overall vision, it is APPROVED.


Our visual designers create the complete visuals of the concept in an interactive form. This allows to click through and understand the entire system and features before programming is started.


Programming is complete and all features are available for review on a STAGING server for testing and approval.


The software is complete, we roll-out a soft-launch with select users to ensure stability. Shortly after we hard launch to all users.

We are LIVE


It is imperative that the system is maintained on a regular basis to ensure it remains up-to-date, secure and relevant.

Software Development Layout & Modules

  • Responsive Modules to fit all needs
  • Layout reassures clients of professionalism
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Sleek form elements
  • Custom graphs and analytics
  • Great navigation to ensure minimal clicks to get to destination
  • Mobile layout emphasizes image and name
  • Style and colour can be altered in line with your requirements
  • Responsive design that works on desktop, mobile and tablet

Simplified Payment Process


Our team creates visual representations of all the systems into a click-through prototype. This ensures the client knows exactly what they are getting BEFORE programming begins. Changes and adjustments at this point are welcome for refining the look until we have created the client’s vision.


Visuals assets and plans are assigned to the client.


The client’s vision has been confirmed and finalized, and programming will create a fully functioning product.


The system is now verified to be in line with the initial vision, and agreed on by the client


Future updates can be completed per hour or by setting-up a new contract, as preferred by the client.

All our software solutions feature a responsive design, which lets your mobile phone access, navigate and interact with all our software functions.

HOWEVER: If you want to be discoverable in the Apple APP store and the Google PLAY store, a separate mobile APP will need to be developed.
Our apps are efficient ‘thin’ clients meaning they interact with your already created cloud solution.

Ionic Web Applications allow to develop using ONE code base that can be developed and launched on the mobile APP stores.
Great for business applications, light graphics, basic device control (location, camera, etc)
Easier to manage and update compared to Native APPS

Native APPS

Provide deep control into the mobile APP but require more time to setup and manage. Only advisable when requiring better offline functionality, complicated graphics, speed, etc.


Code base which is developed only for Google Apps


Code base which is developed only for Apple Apps

Security and Optimization

Software Launch

All our software solutions are launched to function under normal conditions with a balance between security and usability. Under specific circumstances the security and optimization will need to be updated in line with the clients requirements.


All our software solutions include a balanced security approach between ease of use and functionality. However depending on the client’s requirements an extra security layer might be required to mitigate other security vulnerabilities.
Security is a balance between usability and functionality. If a solution is very secure it will be very difficult to use since the user will be required to verify many forms of data. On the other hand if a solution is too easy to use it will be too vulnerable for cyber attacks.


All projects are launched to be able to accomodate a normal amount of traffic and / or load. If the system gets overloaded the software will need to be optimized to work under the new conditions.
This is recommended to be completed in line with a growth strategy to manage the expansion of the company in a controlled manner.


To keep the software running smoothly and efficiently in view of newest technical trends and expectations we recommend that the software is maintained on a regular basis.